(NEWSER– New York Times staffer David Joachim tweeted a photo of the newspaper's Sunday magazine cover, declaring that it shows Hillary Clinton "as you've never seen her before." That's an understatement. It depicts Hillary as a planet (or a "faceplanetball" in the words of Mediaite) and the type explains that the story is about her "gravitational pull" on the 2016 election. No word from Clinton herself yet, but there's plenty of other reaction:

  • Nia-Malika Henderson, Washington Post: "Editors must be running out of ways to portray Hillary Rodham Clinton on the covers of their magazines. ... Deeply weird."
  • Brian Braiker, Digiday: It's "unflattering and creepy at best," but a source at the paper tells him that “the space theme might make more sense in the context of the story.” (The story's not out yet.)