Kids say the darnedest things right? Apparently, so do dogs. In a video with more than 2.5 million views, a husky apparently says "no" over and over to his owner who wants the dog to go in its kennel.

An 11-month-old husky named Blaze is the star of the video. Told repeatedly that it is time to go in his kennel, Blaze responds with a groan that more and more resembles the word "no." His owner presses on, telling the husky that he needs to move. Blaze is having none of it and refuses to budge.

John Ventresco, who's in the video with Blaze, uploaded the clip to YouTube on Jan. 5. Ventresco also noted that Blaze "didn't actually need to go in his kennel this time." He was just teasing the dog for his (and the rest of the Internet's) amusement.

The teasing continues for about a minute and a half. As if the audio weren't enough, Ventresco also added bubble quotes to the video to translate his canine's disapproval of the kennel. At one point, a "No I don't" can be made out when Ventresco tells Blaze that he actually enjoys the kennel.

This is the second video in a week in which a dog acting like a human has gone viral. On Monday we showed you the clip of a boxer that had figured out how to hit the snooze button on an alarm clock.

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