COAL GROVE, W.Va. -- Some Coal Grove residents said it was just a matter of time before a homeowner shot a suspected prowler on his property.

"This has been going on a while," said David Connelly, a lifelong resident. "A lot of people anymore carry conceal carry permits. They're tired of people breaking into people's houses."

Kathy Hapney owns an apartment building and barber shop just down the street and she agrees.

"'There comes a point where a homeowner has to protect your property and yourself," Hapney said. "The next time somebody in the neighborhood decides they're going to go into a home or break into someone's garage, maybe they should think twice, because it may cost them their life."

Brandon Danner, 18, of Coal Grove, was shot four times early Wednesday morning in the 600 block of Washington Street.
He was listed in critical condition at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless says the homeowner felt threatened and is claiming self defense. 

"The homeowner claims he tried to hold the suspect there, when the suspect then told the homeowner he had a knife and then lunged towards him," Lawless said.

The homeowner has not been charged.

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