WHEELERSBURG, Ohio -- More than 100 emergency responders and 30 emergency trucks were called out this morning, but it wasn't for a fire.

Firefighters, EMS, police and a community gathered Thursday in Wheelersburg, Ohio, to say goodbye to a man who served others for 50 years.

Leonard Blizzard, 67, of Franklin Furnace, died April 14.

Blizzard was the former fire instructor for the state of Ohio and Thursday was escorted by emergency responders during a funeral procession.

Brian McCallister, with the Hamilton Fire Department, says people may not have known Blizzard personally, but were touched by his service. "No matter what part of town they lived in or what county or township, he was a lot of the training behind their fire departments and volunteers. What he provided was the safety essentials that was taking care of those folks and they may not have realized it."

Blizzard's casket rode on top of a fire truck from the church in Wheelersburg to the Haverhill Cemetery.

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