HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Two men have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a Detroit to Huntington heroin distribution ring.

Zachary Merritt, 30, of Detroit, was sentenced to 11 years and six months, while Keith Wood, 28, of Huntington, was sentenced to four years and two months during a hearing in US District court earlier this week.

Merritt pleaded guilty to distribution of heroin in November 2013, while Woods pleaded guilty to maintaining a residence for the purposed of distributing heroin.

Federal prosecutors say that Merritt admitted that between 2012 and June 2013, he sent heroin from Detroit to Huntington to be sold by others.

The dealers then deposited money from the heroin sales in Merritt’s bank account in Huntington. Prosecutors say Merritt then withdrew the money from a bank branch in Detroit.

A total of $38,250 in deposits were identified as drug money.

Merritt also received at least $7,000 in drug money delivered by courier from Huntington to Detroit.

Prosecutors also say on November 18, 2012, Merritt provided heroin to Lindsey Thacker, who, along with Wood and others, trafficked heroin from Detroit to Huntington. Thacker, 29, of Huntington, and Wood provided housing to a drug dealer also engaged in the heroin trafficking. In return, Thacker and Wood received heroin for personal use.

In June of 2013, two homes in Detroit owned by Merritt were searched. Agents located two packages of what was later determined to be a cutting agent for heroin, along with other items consistent with drug trafficking, and a loaded Glock handgun.

In November, Thacker pleaded guilty to maintaining a residence for the purpose of distributing heroin.

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