Before you leave on your trip make sure the neighbors, police and alarm company all know your schedule. 

Arrange for trash pickup, lawn maintenance to be continued and mail delivery to be halted.  

Leave your contact number with a neighbor just in case of a problem

Here is a quick checklist for your home

Your thermostat should be set on 80 degrees with the blower fan or ceiling fans running while you are gone.

 Be sure to check all the doors and windows are in a locked position.

Make sure you remove items in the refrigerator that can spoil and remove all the trash from the inside of the home.

For safety, unplug coffee makers, computers and tv’s in case of an electrical storm. 

Put several lights on timers and put a radio on a timer to make your home sound lived in.

Have a neighbor park a car in your driveway for that lived in look.

Shut off the water and the main shut off and open the highest and lowest faucets.

Flush toilets before you leave and add a few drops of mineral oil to minimize evaporation.

There are now many products that can now be controlled by your such as thermostats, garage door openers, lights and cameras around your home.  This allows you to be in control of your home without being there.