Have you ever had a tick bite?

Ever know of anyone who has Lyme Disease?

I recently had the chance to talk to Andrea Caesar, an author, entrepreneur, and single mother who suffers from chronic Lyme disease, a controversial life-long illness not recognized by some in the medical community. Despite her health problems, Caesar is the top ranked leader and sales consultant for Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, which specializes in personal care products free from toxic chemicals.

Lyme disease is a known elusive enemy. With vague symptoms ranging from rashes to fevers to temperament changes, it can be an incredibly difficult illness to track down. And because of the disease's elusiveness, it can be a while before kids and their parents immediately notice that something is wrong.

This summer, don't just check for ticks--check for symptoms!

Andrea is the author of a new book A Twist of Lyme, she is one of these originally undiagnosed cases of Lyme disease. When she moved to Barrington, Rhode Island, Caesar was an active, happy, vivacious ten-year-old who loved playing kickball and hanging from the monkey bars. A year later, Caesar had trouble catching her breath, was plagued by migraines, and battled constant muscle aches. Left undiagnosed for 26 years, Caesar now has chronic Lyme disease.

Ironically, Caesar first learned about chronic Lyme disease while working in a doctor’s office. She says she recognized many of her symptoms in the office’s patients and began to think she might suffer from the condition as well. While traditional tests for Lyme disease came up clean – and many members of the medical community refuse to accept the existence of a chronic disease – a new cutting edge test confirmed her diagnosis.

Listen to Andrea's incredible story below...