Cabell County Delegates Carol Miller and Kelli Sobonya were on the show today to discuss the reasons for hosting a townhall meeting on drug addiction. See their press release...

Delegates Kelli Sobonya and Carol Miller will hold a town hall meeting on Monday, July 14, 2014 at 6:00 PM at the Cabell Midland High School Auditorium in Ona, West Virginia. The purpose of the meeting “From Anger to Action” is to provide an opportunity for policymakers, law enforcement, the treatment/recovery community, prosecutors, and citizens to come together regarding drug addiction, drug trafficking, and property crimes associated with drug addiction, etc.

“The drug issue affects everyone in our community and we must deal with this in a holistic manner instead of nibbling around the edges,” said Delegate Kelli Sobonya. “Drug traffickers are running rampant in our streets and it is going to take the entire community to rise up and say enough is enough! We must deal with the drug issue from both ends—the supply side as well as the demand side, added Delegate Sobonya.

Confirmed guests and presenters include public officials and law enforcement on all levels as well as mayors & city council members of Milton, Barboursville, and Huntington; designeesof the Cabell County sheriff and prosecutor's offices; addictions recovery organizations, families impacted by drugs, etc.

“We all recognize the frustration and anger because drug addiction is so prevalent in our state, said Delegate Carol Miller.” “It's past time to connect the dots between law enforcement, lawmakers, treatment providers, and the every day citizen who is impacted. I hear from constituents who are so frustrated when they realize their car, home, or business has been vandalized. I hear from mothers, fathers, and grandparents who have lost children due to overdose or incarceration and I hear from citizens afraid for their safety and lives.”

This meeting is open to the public. Everyone concerned about the illegal drug issue is urged to attend this important discussion.

Earlier this week I talked about the drug culture of the Tri-State area with local author David Williams.  David works with people involved in this deadly life-style on a daily basis.  His latest book is "IT'S NOT MONEYTON...IT'S HUNTINGTON".

Click below to hear my interviews with David, Carol, & Kelli.  They are part of this Sunday's public affairs program Tri-State Focus, which airs on all our Clear Channel radio stations in the Huntington market.