One of the favorite movies we have at the Roten house is FOLLOW ME BOYS.  It meets all the criteria for a great movie:  1) makes you laugh, 2) makes you cry, & 3) makes you think.

The movie featured a great them song that a lot of scouts still use.

Fred MacMurray stars in this 1966 Disney film about a wanna-be lawyer/musician who decides to settle down in small town America.  He falls in love a character played by Vera Miles and in an effort to win her heart, he starts a Boy Scout troop.

Watch a clip from this Disney Classic!

It shows the influence one person can have on a town, a group of boys, and a generation.  Many who have been in Boy Scouts could probably think of one man who has influenced them in a similar way.

That's why it's so sad that the Boy Scouts of America is considering abandoning it's long-held positon against allowing homosexual members and leaders.

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No matter what you think about the homosexual issue, it's clear that this decision will have a devastating affect on scouting.  Simply put, and like it or not, the BSA's membership will sharply decline.  This same thing happened in Canada when their Scouting organization did the same thing.

Here's what the American Family Association is saying about that:

"Consider, in 1998, the Canadian Scouts (CS) opened its doors to homosexuals.
Less than a decade later, the number of boys in scouting dropped by more than
50%. In addition, CS has been forced to sell scores of camps, close offices and
lay off staff."

Many Scouts have their local meetings at church buildings.  Those churches are very involved in promoting the Scouts.  In fact, I often see church vans in the area with "BSA" on the sides.  They use these vans, in part, for transporting the Scouts.

How many churches will continue to support and/or allow scouts to meet on their property if the BSA makes this move?

And how will it effect West Virginia's economy?  This year the National Scout Jamboree is set to have its new home in the Southern part of the state.  If the BSA loses membership over this decision and some of the other negative publicity lately, will it hurt WV?  Will the projected 80,000 Scouts/staff still be coming?

This is just the latest negative news for the BSA.  Recently thousands of files of alleged sexual abuse cases withing the BSA became public.  Former Scouts are now testifying about the horrible abuse they suffered at the hands of a Scout Master or other leader.

Even if the BSA makes this change and allows the decision to be made on the local level, it will not be enough for the Human Rights Campaign!  They, and the rest of the homosexual lobby, will stop at nothing less than full acceptance!

A private organization or club can make their own decisions about who can and can't join...the Supreme Court settled that years ago.  But the homosexual agenda didn't quit!  They simply kept churning away at BSA sponsors and donors.  They've kept up the pressure!

They could've formed their own club, but that wouldn't be good enough!  No, they want to infiltrate every aspect of society.  They won't quit until they have.

Oh well, at least we can watch the movie and remember the way things used to be!