TAXPAYER ABUSE by Guest Blogger Dave Riedel

A Family of three making $36,000 a year. Cheapest plan they could find was $316 a month or about $3,792 a year. Just a bit over 10% of their gross yearly income.

President Obama's response "well I would say to that family they should look at their cable bill, their phone bill or cell phone bill. They need to prioritize to get their health care. No one wants to pay for health care until they need health care." 

This coming from the man who has taken four vacations in the last four months. Immediately on return from his most recent vacation takes the family to NYC to shop at a GAP store. All at tax payer expense.

I would ask first, where is the prioritization from those in Washington. The abuse of taxpayer money by those inside the beltway is ridiculously out of control.

The House, Senate and President should be required to pay for their own nonessential travel and or expenses. There are multiple sources that have shown abuses by both parties in excessive spending and waste. Does the First Lady really need 22 personal assistants?? All with salaries exceeding $50,000 a year? 

I am constantly amazed at how those in the private sector have to continually tighten their belts and do with less of what they earn and are told they need to prioritize while those living off the government dole are never turned away.

I see food stamp fraud daily. When a person buys "junk" to eat or drink that is fraud to me. Food stamps are for basic necessities. In our presidents own words. You should prioritize. If you want that type of food then get a job and pay for it.

My favorite is when I watch a woman dig through her Coach purse, while smoking a cigarette and talking on her iPhone 5s looking for her food stamp card to buy 2 cases of Mountain Dew and 2 big bags of chips.

Dave Riedel resides in Culloden, WV and is a frequent guest host for the Tom Roten Morning Show.  Dave is a pharmaceutical rep and a certified football referee.  Dave and his wife have two children.