Award Winning Author Lee Jackson was on the show this morning talking about his new book, CURSE THE MOON: COLD WAR RISING.

The fictional story is based in part on actual events. A true-to-life action hero, Atcho, who is Cuban-born, West Point trained is an under-cover fighter in the resistance movement against the new dictator Fidel Castro.

To save his daughter, Atcho must be a sleeper agent to men he'd rather kill.  The story brings heat to the cold war!

Lee Jackson graduated from West Point and served on active duty in the Army through 1982.  In 2008, he went back to work for the Department of the Army, and deployed for 19 months each in Iraq and Afghanistan. There, his job was to go into towns and villages and learn anything he could about concerns relating to security, and recommend courses of action to meet military objectives without resorting to lethal methods. He returned to the US in 2013, lives in Texas with his wife, and is a full time writer.

Lee talked about the inspiration for the book (his father-in-law) and several current issues such as the situation with Russia/Ukraine and the Cliven Bundy ranch confrontation.

Listen to my interview with Lee Jackson...