Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks was on The Tom Roten Morning Show today!  His latest book is a Libertarian Manifesto:  Don’t Hurt People And Don’t Take Their Stuff.

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From the publisher...

On all sides, Americans are seeing their basic rights threatened, from the NSA snooping your phone's metadata, to the IRS targeting moms and pops based on their politics, to a wholesale government takeover of your healthcare plans. As the November 2014 elections approach, voters are searching for better answers, and a better vision of governance—more about us, not them—that stresses individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Best-selling author Matt Kibbe has such a vision. With the release of his new book, the president and CEO of FreedomWorks, the country’s leading grassroots organization, offers an alternative to business as usual in Washington.

“Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff” is a manifesto for the modern freedom movement that sounds a clarion call for those who value liberty over oppression, principles over political expedience.

“As both political parties in Washington fall increasingly out of step with the common sense values that built America, more people than ever before are turning towards the philosophy of liberty,”Kibbe said.

“American politics is no longer a partisan fight between Democrats and Republicans, or even liberals and conservatives,” Kibbe added. “It’s an all-out war between political insiders and their cronies, whose interests lie in consolidating and maintaining power, and the average citizens who want a responsible, limited governance that treats people fairly and equally under the law. It is a fight between the power-hungry status quo and those of us who want real change.”

Six simple Rules for Liberty outlined in this book are the fundamental rules of the American experiment, and should appeal to everyone regardless of party affiliation. These principles are:

1. Don’t Hurt People – It is wrong to use violence or the threat of violence against others who have done you no wrong. Don’t start a fight, but be prepared to finish one.

2. Don’t take Their Stuff – Property rights are fundamental to a free society. When an individual takes something that doesn’t belong to them, we call it theft. When the government does it, we call it “social justice.” We all have a right to the fruits of our labors, free from theft either public or private.

3. Take Responsibility – We are ultimately responsible for our own lives and our own happiness. Likewise, you can't outsource compassion to someone else. You may have to help, to step up. That's the "I" in community.

4. Work For It – Work is hard, the burden of knowing you have to get it done for yourself, or it might not get done at all. But work is awesome too, the opportunity to solve a problem, create value, find success, to make things happen.

5. Mind Your Own Business – Live and let live. As long as other people are not violating our rights, we have no business telling them what to do or how to live. Liberty means everyone is free to pursue happiness in their own, individual way.

6. Fight The Power – Power is a fundamentally corrupting influence. Freedom means that we are continually willing to stand up and fight against bullies, especially when those bullies have the power to tax, persecute, imprison, or even kill us.

“Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff” is a book for anyone who is tired of trampled rights and broken promises. It is a book for anyone who objects to the government listening to their phone calls and reading their emails. It is a book for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of a king-like president dictating decisions from on high—dictates that hurt people and take their stuff.