US Congressman Thomas Massie from KY was on the program today discussing the Ft. Hood Shooting, gun-free zones, milk freedom, GMO's, ATF Bullies, and more.

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Rep. Massie said the first bill he introduced was the Gun-Free School Zone Act!  He also believes military bases shouldn't be gun-free zones!



Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham pointed out in a WND commentary Thursday that there have been nearly two dozen shootings at military bases since the policy went into effect, including the 2009 attack at the same Texas post that killed 14 people, including an unborn baby. Maj. Nidal Hasan reportedly launched the attack with a shout of “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is supreme.”

Grisham pointed out that all of the shootings took place in “gun-free zones.”

“Every single one of these shootings happened at a place where the very people trained to deal with armed attackers were defenseless against an armed attacker,” he said

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