What if Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung had a gun?
In her final moments, Hochsprung, 47, gave her life to save countless students and teachers when she sprung from a conference room at the sound of gunshots and confronted face-to-face the armed shooter, Adam Lanza.  If she had a gun, maybe Lanza would've been stopped before he murdered 20 children and 5 of Hochsprung's co-workers.

What if an armed movie-goer at the Aurora Theater in Colorado had stopped James Holmes before he went on his killing spree?  What if a theater employee had a gun and was trained to use it to prevent such a mass murder?

What if Maurice Renard, the Miami dad who died trying to protect his daughter, had a gun?

Last night, the 36-year-old got into a struggle with two suspects when they tried to gain entry into his 11-year-old daughter's bedroom. The father was fatally shot in the struggle.

Thankfully little Ethan is safe and back with his family, but what if Alabama school bus driver Charles Poland had a gun?  Perhaps he'd still be alive and Jimmy Lee Dykes wouldn't have terrified a little 5-year-old boy for several days!

Thank God Melinda Herman had a gun!  She used it to protect her and her children when an intruder broke in to their Georgia home.

Good thing she didn't need more than six rounds!

Here's Why Someone Would Need To Own An 'Assault' Rifle

What if private first class Marquest Smith had a gun?  Smith, who repeatedly risked his life removing five soldiers and a civilian from the carnage at Ft. Hood, may have saved the lives of 13 fellow soldiers and co-workers.  In fact, had Smith or ANYONE else been allowed to carry a firearm at the gun-free military base in Texas, Nidal Malik Hasan wouldn't be alive for his trial that continues to be delayed.  All the while, President Obama refers to this terrorist attack by a radical Muslim as "work-place violence".

And lastly, what if President Obama, the leftists in Congress, and the media would use COMMON SENSE rather than try to scare the American people into giving up their 2nd Amendment rights???