My family and I had the wonderful opportunity to see and tour the World War II cargo ship, the USS LST 325 the last day it was docked in Ashland.  I was pleasantly surprised to see several families bringing their younger children (as we did) to see this great piece of US history!  From what I understand the crowds were huge during its stay in both Ashland and Charleston.

LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank.  These ships were designed in 1942 to land battle ready tanks, vehicles, soldiers, and supplies directly onto enemy beaches.  Over 1,000 of these ships were built for World War II.  USS LST 325 participated in several operations, most notable was D-Day at Omaha Beach, Normandy.

Since we homeschool our sons, this was a tremedous history lesson for them.  And this was particularly special for me.

My Dad, still in the hospital recovering from a 2nd hip surgery, drove a tank in the European theater of WW II.  The LST 325 delivered Sherman tanks to Europe, so it is very possible that the tank he drove was transported by this ship!

The LST 325 was built in Pittsburgh.  The volunteers, some of them WW II vets, who maintain this wonderful vessel do an outstanding job with the tours.





Here's a picture of the deck...