Woman Charged with DUI Causing Death on I-64 Crash

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The woman who police say caused a fatal car crash where a car plummeted more than 80 feet off an I-64 bridge has been arrested.

Elizabeth Lewis, 40, of Ashland, turned herself in Monday, according to Huntington police. She's charged with DUI causing death.

Police say Lewis caused a multiple vehicle crash on April 7 at the 4-mile marker of I-64.

Lewis was unresponsive following the wreck. The complaint states a passenger in the car said they'd been using drugs.

During that accident, a vehicle was pushed off the bridge over Spring Valley Drive. The vehicle fell more than 80 feet before hitting the ground.

The driver, Jerrell Simmons, was taken to the hospital in stable but critical condition. He died as a result of his injuries on April 28.

Court records say on the way to the hospital, EMS workers determined Lewis was suffering from an opioid overdose.

They administered narcan and observed an immediate reaction.

The complaint says Lewis struggeld with medical personnel at the hospital while they were trying to treat her, yelling and pushing people, and she had to be restrained by the staff.

She had a significant amount of injection sites in both her arms, which were in various stages of healing, the complaint says.

The complaint says a DMV records check confirmed prior to the accident, Lewis's license had already been revoked for DUI in 2009.

She had a previous conviction for suspended revoked license for DUI in 2011.

Police say Lewis had been treated at a hospital for injuries she suffered in the crash.

She was released from the hospital, and on Monday she turned herself in.

Her bond was set at $750,000 cash only.

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