Police Chase Stolen Car, 1 Suspect Still on Run

MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- One suspect is in custody and another is still on the run after Milton police say they were led on a Memorial Day car chase.

Police say Destiny Bostrom stole a car in Culloden Monday, and later the chief happened to see that car on the road.

"Our chief actually spotted the vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop," Cpl. Dean Bishop said. "At that point they led them on a pursuit."

Police say they chased the car out Johns Creek Road to a gravel road, where the stolen car ended up in a creek.

Police say the man and woman inside took off running in the woods and got away.

"At that point they ditched the vehicle in the creek and ran off in the woods," Bishop said. "We had the assistance of the sheriff's department and State Police to help track them. We were not able to find them at that time."

Police say they believe Tyler Kissinger was behind the wheel during the chase.

They say Bostrom was found later on John's Creek and taken into custody.

Aaron Dean was also taken in on unrelated charges, accused of stealing a phone and a tablet.

Since it was a holiday no magistrate was on duty, so the suspects were taken straight to the Western Regional Jail.

Milton police say once Kissinger is found he'll be charged with felony fleeing in a vehicle and on foot and receiving and transferring stolen property.

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