Bernie Sanders Announces Second Run For White House


Senator Bernie Sanders is making another run for the Democratic presidential nomination. The 77-year-old Sanders says he's running to oppose President Donald Trump and to enact the progressive ideas he championed in 2016, including universal health care coverage, a $15 minimum wage, and reducing student debt. 

"Three years ago, during our 2016 campaign, when we brought forth our progressive agenda we were told that our ideas were 'radical,' and 'extreme,'" Sanders said in an email to his supporters. "These policies and more are now supported by a majority of Americans."

Sanders said that he hopes to enlist a million people to join his "grassroots movement of people prepared to stand up and fight." 

"Together, you and I and our 2016 campaign began the political revolution. Now, it is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for," Sanders said in a video announcing his candidacy.

The Vermont senator joins a growing field of more than a dozen Democrats who have either formally declared their candidacy or are expressing serious interest.

Photo: Getty Images


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