19-Year-Old Accused Of Spiking Co-Workers' Drinks With LSD

A 19-year-old from Missouri has been accused of allegedly spiking his co-workers' drinks with hallucinogenic drugs. Police were called to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in Arnold, Missouri when two employees began to feel “weird and dizzy” for no apparent reason.

Police spoke with the 19-year-old, who has not been identified, and he admitted to putting LSD in the water of two employees and in the coffee cup of a third. He explained that he did it because “they were too uptight, and needed to have better energy.”

The manager told police that she noticed the employee acting strange and messing around with her drink and a dropper so she decided not to drink from her water bottle.

The drugged employees were taken to the hospital where they were held until the effects of the LSD wore off.

Officials took samples of the water and coffee and have sent it to the lab for testing. They did not arrest the teen but say that he could face charges of second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance if the lab tests show there was LSD in the drinks.

Photo: Getty Images

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