WATCH: State Trooper Nearly Hit By Truck While Helping Motorist

An Idaho state trooper suffered minor injuries after he was nearly struck by a pickup truck while assisting a motorist on a busy highway. The trooper, who was not identified, parked his patrol behind a vehicle that had a flat tire in the median of I-84 in Ada County.

While the officer was standing next to the concrete median, a white pickup truck barreled towards him and the other driver. The officer jumped backward and awkwardly fell over the median onto the other side of the highway while the motorist hopped on top of the concrete median.

The officer was hospitalized with minor injuries and has since been released. The stranded driver also suffered minor injuries but did not require medical attention.

The Idaho State Police released dash-camera footage that captured the terrifying moment the truck sideswiped the police car and rammed into the Toyota. Officials said the truck was slowing down as it passed the officer when it was struck from behind by another vehicle, resulting in a six-car pile-up.

"Traffic stops are very high risk. They're necessary to keep people safe on the road and to help those stranded, but we need motorists' help so we can all go home at night," said Idaho State Police Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo. "Slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles and workers isn't just a courtesy, it's the law. Drivers need to be alert to emergency lights and vehicles and always alert to what's happening around them. That keeps all of us safe."

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