Entomologist Spots Insects on Mars?

An accomplished entomologist from Ohio University believes that he has found evidence which suggests that Mars may be crawling with insects. The remarkable declaration was reportedly made by Dr. William Romoser in a presentation on Tuesday at the annual Entomological Society of America conference in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the entomologist, he has spent the last several years studying Mars Rover images and, in the process, spotted what he believes to be bugs that were inadvertently photographed.

"There has been and still is life on Mars," Romoser boldly declared, noting that what appeared to be insect-like forms were visible in numerous photos from the Red Planet. He specifically noted that these bugs possessed segmented bodies, wings, legs, and antennae. Explaining that these features are "traditionally sufficient to establish identification as 'insect' on Earth," Romoser argued that "these characteristics should likewise be valid to identify an organism on Mars as insect-like."

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