Ireland's Most Haunted House Up for Sale

A massive mansion in Ireland which boasts the reputation of being the country's most haunted house and, legend has it, was once visited by the devil himself, has reportedly gone on the market. Known as Loftus Hall, the 22-bedroom estate was built on the ruins of a previous manor, Redmond Hall, that stretched back to the 1300s. In light of that, as one can imagine, the location has a rich history attached to it, specifically of a spooky nature.

Easily the most infamous tale attached to the site is an incident said to have occurred around 1775 when a ship arrived on the shore outside of the mansion during a storm and a mysterious stranger seeking shelter emerged. Welcomed into the home by the family staying there at the time, the man quickly endeared himself to the group, specifically a young lady named Anne. While the two were playing cards together one evening, she bend down to pick up a dropped card and noticed that the man possessed cloven hooves instead of feet.

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