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WHY are we giving Ukraine a DIME if journalist 'KILL LIST' and trans spo...

There's an alleged Ukrainian "kill list" going around that includes the names of American journalists and reporters like Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, and Human Events' Jack Posobiec, as well as Elon Musk. But Glenn isn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed that he isn't on the list. However, it makes him ask, if this is at all associated with the Ukrainian government, why are we sending them a DIME of our tax dollars? Glenn and Stu also debate whether transgender American Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who claims to be a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military, is for real. Ashton-Cirillo has also called for the punishment of journalists who won't tow the Ukrainian line.

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STU: So you're not on a kill list?

GLENN: Good. Good. I'm not on a kill list.

STU: That's advertise appointing.

You're losing your touch. If you're on a kill list, I mean, I've seen them. You're not on the new kill list.

GLENN: No. I'm not on a new kill list.

And the new one has just put, you know, a friend of the program, from human events, Jack Posobiec. He's on the kill list now.

STU: Congratulations.

GLENN: Congratulations.

And the kill list has targeted Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and Glenn Greenwald. When I saw Glenn, in the article. I'm like, oh, dear. And I saw Greenwald. And I was like, well, wait a minute. I wasn't even nominated. And this list is called the peacemaker.

Now, when you hear the peacemaker, you think, oh. It's peaceful.

No. It calls for a retribution against perceived enemies of Ukraine.

And positive Sobic, is -- is pointed out. He's an anti-Ukrainian propagandist and provocateur.

Is he's going to be killed. Or at least, that's what they're threatening.

And I love the fact that we're sending money over to a country, that is developing kill lists for Americans.

STU: Now. This is not an official government document, I assume.

GLENN: This is -- let me see here.

This is -- this is -- this is from the guy who is -- you know, the woman. Who pretends he's a woman.

Who is an American. Here, let me -- let me just play. Have you seen. You have seen the new he/she, that is now -- hmm? What?

STU: The spokesperson for Ukraine?

I don't believe this. Can I come out and just formerly say?

GLENN: Come out?

STU: Not that way. Formerly say, I don't think this is real.

GLENN: It is real.

STU: We've checked it. And, no. This is really the Ukraine spokesperson, who happens to be a trans person.

GLENN: Yeah. That's an American.

STU: An American.

GLENN: That went over to Ukraine. Was in the army.

STU: I just don't believe it.

GLENN: Fighting. And then pulled from the front lines.

STU: That part, I believe. That part --

GLENN: From the front lines.

And then put in the propaganda of -- and ministry of information.

STU: I just don't believe it's true. It can't be true.

GLENN: If you're watching us on Blaze TV. This is worth the price of ignition for the month, okay? You're welcome.

We're giving you the bonus by showing you the video of this. Watch.

VOICE: Russia hates the truth. But their excessive focus on the Ukrainian volunteer, is simply allowing the light of the Ukrainian nation's honesty to shine brightly.

GLENN: Can we just stop for a second?

STU: Come on. This can't be real.

GLENN: Let me tell you something, I'm going to give Russia such a hit. In a minute. I'm going to finish this. And then I'm going to slap him across the face. All of Russia. I'm going to do it. And I'm going to look beautiful while I'm doing it. Go ahead.

VOICE: The teeth of the Russia devas will gnash ever harder.

STU: Come on.

VOICE: Uncontrollable frenzy.

GLENN: Stop. Stop.

STU: Seriously, there's -- this can't be real. It can't be real.

GLENN: Their rabid mouth are going to froth.

STU: They're foam.

GLENN: They're going to. It's -- they're foaming.

STU: They're going to foam. Is that what's happening?

GLENN: They're rabid dogs. And they're going to gnash their teeth. One.

STU: It's legitimately impossible this is real.

GLENN: This is real.

STU: How can --

GLENN: Stu, how can anything today be real?

Do you --

STU: This is a country that didn't even allow gay marriage.

They're not -- this is not a progressive --

GLENN: This is aimed to America.

STU: I know. But come on. First of all, it's aimed to America. It doesn't make any sense. They would -- they found a -- none of it makes sense. It makes more sense to me. That Russia is producing this. Specifically, to try to make Ukraine look bad.

That makes more sense.

GLENN: This is where the kill list is coming from. Okay. This is the kill list. It's coming from that department right there. Now, go ahead, he was talking about the uncontrollable frenzy.

STU: The one you were also -- the frothing.

GLENN: Quiet.

VOICE: Uncontrollable frenzy. As the world will see their favorite Kremlin propagandist paying for their crimes. And this puppet of Putin, is only the first. Russia's war propagandist will all be hunted down. And justice will be served. As we in Ukraine are led on this mission by faith in God, liberty, and complete liberation.

GLENN: Okay. I just have to -- I just want to point out, we are led by God.

And even though the Ukrainian people don't believe in transgenderism at all because of God. I'm their spokesperson. And because we are led by God, we will hunt down these people who disagree with us, and kill them.

I mean, it is hard to believe.

Tell me. And I've had quite a weekend.

Tell me what you believe. Tell me what you believe in. Right now!

Tell me you can tell me the difference between truth and fiction on any topic!

STU: I mean, I can't.

GLENN: No. I can't either.

STU: I can't. I've seen this has been confirmed by all these media sources, and I still don't believe it. You ever get a story like that. No. I won't believe it. I don't care how many times. I won't believe it. That's where I am on this one.

GLENN: I am on that, just about everything now. I look at everything. And I'm like, I don't know what to believe. I don't know who to believe.

I came in yesterday, and I looked at Stu and I said, I don't know what to believe. Who am I to get a radio and say, you know what, this is the truth. I have no idea.

STU: It's a very strange world.

GLENN: Well, just the guy in the dress. So the hair --

STU: And the guy in the dress with the hair, is the guy who made the kill list?

GLENN: Well, I don't know if he made it himself. He might have been doing his nails or something else.

STU: Who made the kill list?

GLENN: Well, it's coming from him.

STU: He's saying that Tucker Carlson, and Jack Posobiec, are on the kill list.

GLENN: Yeah. I was trying to rope him in.

Look how easily he just called him he. You are mis-gendered.

STU: Oh, oh.

GLENN: Cut two of the spokesperson.

STU: Oh, more?

GLENN: There has been much discussion in this entire role, within the armed forces of Ukraine.

Senator Vance recently asked the US director of national intelligence, along with the secretaries of state and defense, if I was working in some capacity for the American government.

STU: Believable.

VOICE: Simply put, I'm an American, serving as a Ukrainian infantry soldier and a combat medic.

Who is brought from this, and assigned to the TDF's media team in the dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst.

The remaining speculation surrounding me is disappointing.

Why in Ukraine, we're fighting for global liberty, and the ideology of victory.

Too many in Moscow and across the world are still caught up and focusing on the tired trope of gender chaos.

GLENN: Stop. Stop.

STU: Stop for a second.

People who are critical of gender ideology. Use the term gender chaos.

GLENN: That's what he said. They're using the old tired trope of gender -- what did you say? Chaos.

STU: Chaos. Yeah.

GLENN: He's saying that's an old tired trope.

Like, they're focused on the old tired trope of gender chaos.

There is no chaos here!

It will all make sense. Give me that cigarette. I'm just going to have a cigarette right now.

STU: Highly suspicious.

GLENN: I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you.

STU: Senator Vance, a good question to ask, I would say.

Because there's two things that would make sense here, sort of.

One, like, there's someone in our government saying, you know what, sure, we'll give you these billions of dollars.

One of the conditions is, yeah, you have to appoint us a spokesperson.

Someone in the LGBTQQIA2+ community to show your tolerance. That's believable. That's believable.

GLENN: You're telling me, there isn't somebody, that you find this too hard to believe. That there's somebody like, you know who we could get rid of?

We could get rid of all these people.

You can't do that. You can't do that. No? We could put a guy that is pretending to be a woman, that everybody is dismissing. And give them whole bunches of money. And they could come and kill people.

I mean, I'm not saying that's happening.

But I'm not, not saying that either. Because I don't know what's happening anymore.

STU: There could be a trading places thing. Where like there's a couple of people. All the people with monocles, who are like, what if we made them have a transgendered person, come out as their spokesperson.

GLENN: By the way, J.D. Vance is going to be joining us in ten minutes.

STU: He is? Let's ask him about this. Because I don't believe it.

GLENN: No. We shouldn't ask him about this.

STU: I would like to know. That's not why he's coming, is it?

GLENN: No. He's coming auto about other things. My first question is, tell me about the dude in the dress. With the kill list. Why are we giving them money?

If this is from the Ukrainian ministry of whatever, why are we giving them money?

STU: Well, if it's an official document, anyone associated with it, should immediately be fired.

And we should who would money until that happens, right?

But these are American citizens we're talking about.

GLENN: I'm so tired of you just blabbing. I'm still listening to the spokesperson, go ahead.

VOICE: Ukraine is a nation that embraces individual liberty, and maintains that devotion to God. The freedom that Ukraine is fighting for, is not based on carving out privilege, but creating a pathway of prosperity and success, founded in hard work and the rule of law for all.

Neither I, nor any Ukrainians, fighting for tolerance, acceptance, for any one group. But for the freedom of every human.

GLENN: Oh, is that very --

STU: Come on.

I would like to say, yeah, there is something off here. But that's fairly obvious. But what I would say is that, I think --

GLENN: Yeah, you think.

STU: I don't think this is real. I don't think it's real.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Well --

STU: Isn't there something that --

GLENN: I will put you on my list. Not on my kill list.

Because you're not that important, but my slap across the face list. If I ever see you walking across the street. Slapping you. I will slap and slap and slap you, until you're silly.

STU: You should not be on the Ukraine list.

You have been very fair on your coverage, right?

GLENN: Well, we did go in and rescue children. I mean, other than that.

STU: There you go.

You shouldn't be a kill list.


STU: You've helped rescue people in need.

GLENN: Yeah. But I do think the government is completely corrupt.

I don't think we should be spending money there. And I also don't want to be -- you know, in any war, sending planes or anything, really.

Anymore.over to Ukraine. I --

STU: There's some risk associated with such things.

GLENN: Well, it's only nuclear annihilation.

STU: Right. That's the risk I was talking about.

GLENN: Yeah, that's the only risk.

So I think that's probably we should -- I think it's enough. I think it's enough.

STU: So you're saying, just the nuclear annihilation is enough, to not send over the --

GLENN: It is. It is for me.

They're saying, you know, we might be in a nuclear war. Our president is not too well. And he will have about ten minutes to make the decision, whether to fire or not.

And I'm -- I'm just -- I'm out on a limb here in today's crazy world. But I'm saying, I don't think so.

I don't think so.

And I could put on a wig, if it would make more sense to you. But I don't think we should do it. Uh-huh.

STU: Now, doesn't Biden have a speech at the UN?

So I'm sure, that will -- that will ease any of your concerns. Because he'll knock that one out of the park.

And will know, okay. He's got a really good vision. He has it all under control.

GLENN: Sure. And Zelinsky is there too. Zelinsky is meeting.

STU: Maybe come out, as a woman for the speech.

I mean, that seems to be a very effective tactic.

GLENN: Let me tell you something, I wouldn't be surprised.

STU: We would all be told, we should accept it. And it wasn't anything different than normal. And if you notice it, you're a bad person.

And even more.

GLENN: She's the most beautiful president I've ever seen. She is --

STU: The first female president, by the way.

GLENN: First female president. And the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

STU: And if you disagree with that.

GLENN: And if you're like, it's Joe Biden in lipstick.

STU: No. No. No, it's not. No, it's not. You've mis-gendered that, Joe Biden.

GLENN: And we'll put you on a kill list,

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