Plant of the Week - Vibernum

As I am driving during this cold and dreary time of the year, I am always looking at plants that make a statement during the winter.Bark, foliage, shape, branching, berries, etc., anything that makes it stand out.For example, I like looking in river / creek valleys and spotting the Sycamores with their bright white / gray bark.But one series of plants really stand out to me right now, with their evergreen / semi-evergreen look, bold plant, used a lot in hedges and screening, and make the perfect protection plant for wildlife during the winter, especially those birds.I’m looking at the several selections of Viburnums, and there are so many selections available today, I say there’s a viburnum that would fit nicely in just about any part of your yard and garden.But the ones I’m talking about today hold their leaves (or most of them) thru the winter.Most will have nice flowers spring and sometimes summer, as well as some with berries.Some of the most common evergreen / semi-evergreen selections you’ll see in our area include Viburnum Burkwood, Allegheny, and Prague.Standouts in the winter landscape, still holding their leaves, providing good screening as well as great winter protection for the wildlife.Check out all the many wonderful selections of viburnums available at your local nurseries.True workhorses of the landscape.

Vibernum Prague

Vibernum Allegheny

Vibernum Burkwood (spring)

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