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Are You Smarter Than a Biden Cabinet Secretary?

CLAY: Hopefully, you’re all smarter than Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Buck, I saw this and I just thought to myself, “This is so inexcusably bad.” Everybody out there knows that gas prices have skyrocketed. They’re up some 50% from last year as a part of the overall 6.2% inflation rise, and energy prices have gotten so bad that Joe Biden has decided to release some of the Strategic Oil Reserve. It’s totally a political ploy. It makes no real significant impact here.

But he’s trying to get a little bit of attention in a positive way for trying to combat rising oil prices. His energy secretary trotted out and she was asked a pretty basic question: “How many barrels of oil does the United States actually consume in a day?” This is something that if you were in charge of the energy sector in this country, probably you should know it. It’s not going to surprise you that Granholm had no idea. Listen.

ED O’KEEFE: How many barrels of oil does the U.S. consume per day?

GRANHOLM: I don’t have that right in front of me.

ED O’KEEFE: So some suggest it’s about 18 million, which would suggest you’re releasing less than three days’ worth of supply from the Petroleum Reserve.

BUCK: It’s not just “some suggest.” That’s the number from 2020. She didn’t know because… I told you this, Clay, I sat on a panel with Jennifer Granholm when she was the former governor of Michigan.

CLAY: She’s Canadian. She’s not eligible to be president. She’s not born in the States.

BUCK: Not anything that anyone is going to be losing sleep over. We’re trying to talk about the border, and Bill was having one of his more honest moments. They’re just scanning the border. They’re just running through the asylum process. Granholm looked at me and started screaming, “Kids in cages! Kids in cages!” like a toddler. I was like, “This woman? This is the person you’re making the energy secretary?” She’s on a TV show with millions of viewers and that’s how she acts? It’s kind of amazing to me. But, yes, she’s not well versed. But look at Pete Buttigieg. This is a guy who can’t even get the potholes fixed as the mayor of South Bend, and now he’s the Transportation Secretary? Give me a break.

CLAY: That’s when he actually shows up, Buck. He also spent two months on paternity leave. I’m still fired up. I had a big conversation about this with my wife, too. If you are the dad and your job allows you to take two months off, I don’t care what your job is, you aren’t that significant in the job that you have. Buck, I’ve already had my kids, but my job doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I did sports talk radio show when I had my kids. I don’t think I missed a day, and I was doing sports talk radio. If you’re the head of the transportation department, and we have once-in-a generation-level collapse in supply chains, and you take multiple months off? If you’re the mom and you have the baby, you deserve all the time off that you can possibly get. Your body is physically recovering. Your obligations, especially if you’re breastfeeding, are massive.

BUCK: If you had open-heart surgery, people would expect that you’re going to have a recovery time. It’s the same same kind of idea. If you’re the first cousin of somebody who just had successful open-heart surgery, the expectation wouldn’t be that you have like a bystander trauma from the surgery and so you need weeks off from work, too.

CLAY: It’s not even his partner who had the baby, Buck. They had a surrogate. Neither one of them actually went through childbirth. So it’s not as if Mayor Pete is having to help his wife who had a baby. In fact, to my knowledge, we don’t even know who had the baby and actually did the work of carrying that child for nine months and delivering it. And this is part and parcel the larger example of what is going on with the Biden administration. You’ve got a lot of cosmetic diversity and an awful lot of incompetence in this administration because they don’t care about talent. They care about checking boxes.

BUCK: The great diversity and inclusion reality check moment for this administration will be, if it’s pretty clear they decide to surpass the first female minority vice president with somebody else. I think we’re probably… Look, it’s a ways off. We’ll talking about this a lot. I think we’re headed towards something like that.

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