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Black Friday with Buck: The South African Variant Panic

BUCK: The Super Strain is what it’s called on the front page of the Drudge Report right now. We don’t know that much about this yet. We just know that there’s a variant, a covid variant that has been identified, a new one, there have been a lot of them, alpha, beta, gamma, delta — you go down the list.

This would be also new and Nu, those who remember the ancient Greek — a new Nu variant. And it’s classified as B.1.1.529. So there’s a consultation going on today between the global health experts about what exactly it means. They found a number of these cases. Hong Kong has reported two occasions. They believe South Africa may be a primary area of spread.

Let me tell you, everything that the experts are saying that they believe right now about where the cases are, where the cases are coming from is of course subject to change. They’re probably missing a whole lot — and they even will say that, if you have a press corps that managed to ask them some questions. They don’t really know. There’s a lot they don’t know.

Is it more dangerous than covid-19 up to this point? Is it more transmissible? Is it more lethal? They don’t know. That’s where we are. There are some who are saying it’s way too early to panic.

Now, keep in mind, governments are already taking steps. So we don’t know exactly what’s going on with this. But government is already, in a lot of European countries, and we’re now, today, the Fauciites, are all gathering together to figure out whether we could have any kind of additional restrictions imposed in this country.

I’d be very careful about this, right, because there are some things that aren’t known. There are some things we’ll find out in the days ahead. And Fauci can be wrong as often as he wants. They can tell you the vaccine is 95 percent protective for forever, which they did when this came out, and be completely wrong about it being forever; now you need boosters. And that’s fine.

But if you think or say anything that the data has to require an update to, in let’s say a week, month, six months, be prepared for them to say you are a crazy person who believes Fauci is actually a space lizard, because you must obey the narrative. That’s the whole point of this; you must obey or else.

Why do they think this is a more dangerous version? Why are countries in Europe — and there’s a whole bunch of them — here are the countries that have restricted or halted entirely flights from South Africa — Bahrain, Belgium, Britain, Croatia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore. A lot of countries.

Now they’re focusing on South Africa. Remember when the travel ban went into effect with Trump? And of course, the media, the travel ban, it’s so dumb, why are you doing that? That was meant to give us time to prepare. Time to get hospitals — that was the very earliest days of the pandemic. We knew a whole lot less. Do the travel bans really stop coronavirus over the long term? No. Of course not. I think we could all agree on that.

So how long will a travel ban from South Africa realistically keep the mu, this is of course going to be a new thing, Nu, the B.1.1.529 variant; they don’t name it after places because that’s mean. People get sad about that. Tell everybody Lyme Disease, Connecticut should write a strong-worded letter and change the name from lyme disease. A lot of major diseases named for places I guess we’re supposed to change them and give them numbers now.

They know, now based upon the samples of the virus that they have, they know that there are what they’re calling a constellation of mutations of this variant and a constellation of mutations seems to indicate that it would have — and I’m taking this from the experts, folks, a greater ability to both infect human cells and evade immunity.

They haven’t seen the data to prove that, but that’s what the additional spike proteins — this is the level of science that I don’t know, that I’m not somebody, I don’t have a Ph.D. in or MBA in epidemiology, microbiology. But we do know that this is what they’re telling us. It could be worse, and people are freaking out. The stock market’s down a few percentage points today, pretty big as I came on air.

Now we’re also sitting here saying, hold on a second; I thought we were at a place where we had all the vaccines out there and now we’ve got boosters. We’ve got a plan. Don’t we have a plan? The drug is going to work really well, isn’t it? Because the people that have implementing this plan have been doing it with their proverbial boot on the American people’s necks. Do this or else you’re not protecting your community. Do this or else you’re a bad person.

People like me and others who have been saying, look, if you’re at risk get the shot. If you’re high risk, absolutely. Worth it for you. Covid is nasty and dangerous stuff if you are in a certain age demographic and if you have certain comorbidities. And if you’re nervous, get the shot. If you’re worried, right? It’s your call. This is where we keep saying on the right now all of a sudden — your body, your choice. You’re nervous about it, it’ll make you feel better. The problem has been the mandates and the false certainty from the Fauciites. That’s been the huge problem now.

There’s other things we could discuss. But the mandates around covid making people get the shot. Fully vaccinated is now a thing that is changing. Oh and if you’re wondering, how long will the booster even last? And I keep saying they don’t know. And I point this out to you because they keep making policy based on what is unknown.

Here is Fauci, when pushed on how long, if the plan is get everyone the shot and get everyone the booster, how long does that last for?

FAUCI: Right now officially, John, the definition of fully vaccinated is still two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer and one dose of J&J. That’s the requirement, when people talk about what is required for this off of that. But that does not actually contradict the fact that we’re saying as vaccine efficacy wanes you need to get that booster to bring you right up. We don’t know now how long the booster effect is going to last. But you may need to update it and upgrade it over the years.

BUCK: Over the years! You heard him. Over the years. Not over the year, as in get ready for covid boosters forever. I’m just wondering, the people who were writing in to me and so angry at me and Clay for saying, starting, really, in July of this past summer, they’re going to tell you have to get boosters and you’re going to have to get boosters forever.

Think this through. Why wouldn’t you have to get boosters forever? We already have had how many variants in the span of less than two years? And now they, the Fauciites, the global health community, which is really bureaucrats who work for government — there’s a whole other conversation about the suppression of real scientific debate, discovery and conversation, because the apparatus has been shutting everybody — and the apparatus contradicts itself. The World Health Organization says one thing. The U.S. does another. The Federal government does one thing and then some state will come in and do a different one. And it’s all a mess.

These are policy decisions — notice how when Fauci plays this game with “fully vaccinated.” He’s saying you are still, these things don’t contradict each other. That’s not true. Because if you need a booster, he’s saying as a policy matter, you are fully vaccinated as of today because we say so. But if your concept of fully vaccinated means you are at the maximum level of vaccinated protection from the virus, you are absolutely not fully vaccinated — if you are whatever the official guidelines are now, three months, six months — I think it’s six months, after your shot.

So why can’t he be honest about it? Because what he’s talking about, you see the intersection from Fauci there, in real time, of policy and science, and they pretend it’s all science. They’re making a determination here.

The same way, why don’t they have vaccine passports for air travel? Why is Biden forcing people in the military, why is Biden forcing truckers at international boundary lines, they all have to get — they haven’t done this yet but they want to do that — they haven’t been able to go forward and say, well, it’s too much to ask of them. No, why not do air travel?

I mean, I obviously think it’s insane. But the point is why not do it? Because it’s a policy decision. It’s politics, you see. They keep pretending it’s all science, it’s politics, a lot of it, the decision-making processes. And so now what are we doing? Is this also too much panic from them?

Remember how many times in the past, one of the issues we had with the Delta variant was that they had told us, Fauci kept saying you couldn’t get a variant, this variant looks bad. Fauci told us every variant was scary, basically and didn’t really change anything until finally we got one that was more transmissible. And there’s so much going on here. What’s the policy going to be now?

How can anyone see what’s going on here and say to themselves, you know what we’ll be in good shape this winter, no big deal? How could anyone feel that way given what the trends are, given what the caseload is? And they can’t even seem to decide if this is going to — the term that keeps appearing — and I mean appearing in the Washington Post and New York Times is “evade,” this is a quote, “evade immunity” with this new variant. Does it do that? They don’t know. That’s kind of concerning. Right?

I mean, that keeps people feeling a little like aren’t you guys supposed to know this? Oh, don’t worry. Fauci’s got it. He’s done such a great job. All the mitigation, all the measures, done a great job, that’s why somehow we’ve managed to have more people die in Biden’s first year from covid in America than died in 2020, the first year of the virus, when there were no vaccinations, and we were getting hit with something we really didn’t understand.

It is noteworthy that the Fauciite regime has massively failed, if you’re judging failure on how many people have died from this, how we’ve gotten it under control. That’s right, Fauci failed.


FAUCI: It’s a new variant that is now in South Africa that has some mutations that are raising some concerns. It’s something that has emerged in South Africa and seems to be spreading at a reasonably rapid rate in the sense of when they do test positivity for seeing it’s a bit more widespread in South Africa than was originally felt a couple of days ago.

KEILAR: Is it possible it’s already in the US?

FAUCI: Of course everything is possible.

BUCK: That’s great. Welcome back to the Clay & Buck show. This is Buck. Clay is on vacation today. That’s exactly what you would expect from Fauci (impression), “Anything is possible. Right. We want a little more granularity, you could say. What does the data tell you, Fauch?

Now, as of today we do not have in this country a ban on flights to South Africa. What is that really supposed to do? I’m just wondering. Does anyone think that the stop — the virus is in other places. They think, they don’t know, because of the actual physical construct of this virus, because of the way the spike proteins have mutated, that it could be vaccine-resistant. It could be immune-evasive.

Listen they don’t know, I don’t know, but they’re getting everyone freaked out about, that’s for sure. Stock market has taking a big dip. Dow Jones is down 860 points right now. People are concerned about this. Obviously going into the winter season. Fauci saying don’t worry, you’re considered fully vaccinated even when you will require further vaccination to be maximally safe or at a maximum level of safeness. That seems kind of contradictory. Seems kind of strange.

Now we’re going to get into this whole thing, you’ll see a lot of this, oh, this is because this is coming out of the unvaccinated population. Unvaccinated population in South Africa. That could be true, sure, of course, a lot of unvaccinated people all over the world.

But I would add to this, then, is their plan, do they really think they’re not going to get everyone — this isn’t like measles, which is a stable virus that does not mutate rapidly and therefore once you get the shot you tend to be done; you’re good; you’re finished. Is the plan to get every man, woman and child on the planet vaccinated and revaccinated with such efficiency that you then stamp out the virus globally?

Is that the plan? Okay. Then why are we always being told, oh, it’s because of the unvaccinated in India, unvaccinated in South Africa? There’s always going to be unvaccinated people somewhere, especially considering you need boosters at an undetermined schedule. They don’t know how quickly for any individual the vaccine will wear off. The vaccines do wear off in terms of infection protection. What is the plan, folks? The plan is to just shut up and do what you’re told forever or else you’re a bad person who hates science. Jeez, they’ve learned so much in Fauciite land, isn’t it?

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