3rd Case of Bubonic Plague Confirmed in China

Sparking fears of a return of the Black Death pandemic that killed more than 25 million people in the 14th Century, a third case of Bubonic Plague has been reported in China.

The latest case involves a hunter from Inner Mongolia who doctors say contracted the disease from eating a wild rabbit earlier this month, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reports. The unidentified man came into contact with at least 28 hospital workers before his condition was diagnosed, according to the China Health Commission. They've all been placed in quarantine, and so far none have displayed symptoms of the plague, the agency reports.

The news comes after two people from the northwestern section of Inner Mongolia were quarantined after they contracted the pneumonic plague, a version of the Bubonic Plague. Both diseases are associated with the Black Death pandemic that nearly wiped out Europe.

Photo: Getty Images

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