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NEW POLL: A Supermajority of American’s Want A Secure Border Immediately

In a recent poll from CNN, Americans have strongly expressed their views on illegal immigration and believe Joe Biden is responsible.

The poll showed a massive 70 percent of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the border crisis while only 30 percent approve.  Former President Trump is campaigning on strict border control and enforcing the law and now the Democrats will face a tough road ahead convincing American’s that they have the right policies to curb illegal immigration.

CNN political director David Chalian tried to spin the terrible poll numbers saying it was a better than last year but American’s hold Biden accountable and the Democratic Party.

“Immigration continues to be a stubbornly low approval number for him,” Chalian said and acknowledged that the Biden administration openly welcomed millions of migrants with few skills and will be a drain on the American taxpayer.

CNN reported, “Biden’s lowest issue approval rating in the poll comes on his handling of immigration, with just 30% of Americans approving. That number reflects heightened concerns about the state of affairs at the US-Mexico border. Asked whether or not the current situation at the border is a crisis, 79% of Americans – including majorities across party lines – say that it is, matching the elevated level of concern last seen in April 2021.”

“And the poll also finds a rise in hardline immigration sentiments. In multiple polls taken during Donald Trump’s presidency, the overwhelming majority of Americans said they favored developing a plan to allow some undocumented immigrants living in the US to become legal residents; in 2019, 15% or fewer said that the government should instead make it a priority to deport all people living in the US illegally,” CNN states. “The share favoring mass deportations, while still a minority, has now roughly doubled to 31%. A 54% majority of Republicans now say the US should prioritize deportation, up from 32% who felt that way in 2019.”

Democratic mayors and governors have been screaming for help from the Biden administration for their overrun cities full of illegals draining resources but have received no federal help.

Former President Trump has vowed to enact the largest deportation in American history if elected to regain control of the cities and secure the border.

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