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Things Aren’t Going As Planned For Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Team

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team prosecuting former President Donald Trump in Florida for allegedly mishandling classified documents had the Judge issue a reprimand telling prosecutors to “calm down” according to reports from Politico.

Prosecutor David Harbach was reprimanded by Judge Aileen Cannon over his frustrations to questions into their own mishandling of documents relating to how evidence was collected and maintained.  According to Politico, Trump’s attorney Stanley Woodward is seeking to have the indictment dismissed on the basis of “selective and vindictive prosecution” and how the prosecution handling the evidence is a prime example of his claim.

“I’m going to have to ask that you calm down,” Cannon said to Harbach as tensions were rising.  Woodward also claimed that a member of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team pressured him in a 2022 meeting where he brought up the topic of a federal judgeship he was seeking that may affect him being considered at all.

Harbach told ABC News that Woodward’s allegations were “garbage” and untrue.

“Mr. Woodward’s story about what happened at that meeting is a fantasy; it did not happen,” Harbach said.  The arguments Woodward put forth were “out of context.”

ABC News also reported another example of possible vindictive prosecution where many others moved boxes around at Mar-a-Lago yet nobody else was being prosecuted.

Judge Cannon has indefinitely postponed the trial claiming at this point it would be  “imprudent and inconsistent with the Court’s duty to fully and fairly consider the various pending pre-trial motions.”

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