WV Republican Defends Support of Pro-LGBT Bills

During the 2016 campaign, Joshua Higginbotham ran on a conservative Christian platform. He even told the Gazette editorial board he's support the RFRA bill that was killed in the Senate last year.

Joshua Higginbotham, a 19-year-old college student running in the 13th District, said a religious freedom bill might spur people to come to West Virginia, not scare them away.

“We should be protecting religious minorities, and this bill did that,” said Higginbotham, a former youth pastor. “We need to have the appearance we’re open to everybody. The religious freedom law would have helped protect those minorities.”

Read the story from WVGazetteMail here.

The Religious Freedom bill was killed last year by pro-LGBT Senator Mitch Carmichael. The reason most objected to its passage was based upon a false notion that RFRA would keep business from locating in WV.

By his words to the Gazette, Higginbotham seemed to believe (correctly) the opposite. At least that's what he said in April of 2016.

However, now as a Freshman Delegate, the Republican is supporting three pro-LGBT bills based on what he says is that they will bring business to the state.

When I asked Joshual what companies were prepared to locate in WV if these passed, he could not name one!

Listen for yourself below!

After 83 years of Democrat rule in WV, THIS is what we get from the GOP???

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